Excursion tips – the 4 most beautiful ideas from north to south

Excursion tips – for young and old

Grilling in the garden – all well and good, but sometimes we need a little more action. If you want to experience something new, with or without a family: We present four exciting tips for excursions that will sweeten your vacation or weekend. Whether pure nature, cute animals or majestic castles – where are you going next?

Excursion tips – from north to south

Excursion in the north: seals in Friedrichskoog

Hamburg, Bremen, Kiel & Co. – yes, a city trip is fun and there is a lot of culture to experience. For children, however, it is often boring – how about if the dear little ones could see seals live? In Friedrichskoog, north of Hamburg, there is the seal station with seals (clearly!) And gray seals. Who can say no to these cute howlers ?!

Excursion in the east: dinosaurs in Bautzen

An exciting experience for the children: a dinopark! Here, the little ones can discover the world of dinosaurs at adventure and play stations – and learn a lot along the way! Like in this park in Saxony:

Excursion in the west: nature in the Eifel

It looks like from a distant world, but this green oasis is in Germany, more precisely in the Eifel.

In addition to exciting tours and a wilderness trail with 85 kilometers, you can watch the starry sky here ?. The Eifel National Park has been recognized as a star park since April.

Excursion in the south: castle feeling in Bisingen

Sure, we all know Neuschwanstein Castle, which (rightly!) Is always very popular in the rankings of the most popular tourist attractions in Germany. But Hohenzollern Castle in Baden-Württemberg is also worth a visit – regardless of the weather! Tip: In winter, the castle turns into a winter wonderland – just like a fairy tale ❤️.

More tips for trips

What else can you do? Let yourself be inspired by these leisure activities and excursion destinations:

  • Visit the Eagle and Wolf Park
  • Swimming in the lake
  • Go canoeing
  • Wild herb hike
  • Visit to the monastery

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