Exogenous Ketones – Doctor Reveals What The Keto Diet Supplement Does

Exogenous ketones are added to shakes, for example. They cause the ketogen level in the blood to rise, which is supposed to induce the body to break down fat deposits.

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Keto food supplements, which are supposed to bring the body into a state of fasting, are being touted more and more often as diet products. Are Exogenous Ketones Awesome or Dangerous?

Pills, powders, coated tablets, juices and capsules – the market for food supplements is booming. Exogenous ketones are also in greater demand than ever. These are supposed to help you lose weight and increase performance in sports. We asked an expert what the benefits of these dietary supplements are – and what are the dangers.

Ketones are produced by the body when insufficient carbohydrates are available. The liver then breaks down fatty acids, which are used as ketones for energy. The aims at this effect ketogenic diet away. Carbohydrates are avoided in this diet. This is supposed to get the body used to not relying on the carbohydrate stores for energy production and instead falling back on the fat reserves.

Dr. Schultes, what happens to the body when it goes into ketosis?

In ketosis, there are more ketone bodies in the blood, such as acetone. These substances are produced during fasting, when the body goes to the fat reserves in order to gain energy because no carbohydrates are available. Put simply, the brain, which normally metabolizes glucose from carbohydrates, now takes fat for fuel – which is why you lose weight.

What is the difference between endogenous and exogenousn Ketones?

The body produces endogenous ketones itself in a fasting state. On the other hand, the term exogenous ketones refers to ketones that are consumed separately. They are in nutritional supplementsn and are drunk, for example, as shakes or as oil consumed. These substances are either taken to support a keto diet, or just like that, if you are eating normallyin the hope, to bring the body into ketosis and lose weight.

Fitness enthusiasts consume exogenous ketones to lose weight. What do you make of it?

Little. Exogenous ketones send a signal to the brain that it is already full, which affects hunger. For this you have to dose exogenous ketones very high. An overdose can cause poisoning in the body. Side effects such as heartburn, vomiting or diarrhea are also known to be side effects. I doubt that exogenous ketones will have a diet effect. If, dann at most onen short termGenbefore a habituation effect follows.

So it’s almost impossible to get the exact dosage right?
I agree. In addition, there is simply still little research on this. In contrast to pharmaceuticals, there are generally only very few hurdles for the approval of a dietary supplement. There is no scientific evidence of long-term success from exogenous ketones.

What is your advice to people who want to lose weight without chemical additives?

I recommend eating a healthy, balanced diet that is high in fiber and low in processed carbohydrates. who Eating a varied diet and getting enough exercise will have long-term success.

Bad diets encourage eating disorders

Dr. Bernd Schultes

What do you think of a classic keto diet that produces endogenous ketones?

It’s just brutally difficult to hold out. You should ask yourself whether you really want to be that radical and whether that is sustainable. Crazy diets often lead to a yo-yo effect, the hunger for carbohydrates increases and eating disorders also develop very easily. If you want to stay healthy and have your weight under control in the long term, you should develop long-term strategies.

Exogenous ketones are also popular in sports circles. They should have a performance-enhancing effect. What is it?

Ketones, so the idea, could serve as an alternative energy source, so that more of the precious carbohydrates are saved for the final sprint. On the other hand, ketones promote regeneration and prevent overload if you drink them after training. You almost have to be in one Train the elite sports segment so that you can feel these effects. A clarification at a sports doctor or einem sports doctor iis essential in any case.

Prof. Bernd Schultes is a specialist in internal medicine, endocrinology and diabetology at the Metabolism Center in St. Gallen.

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