Exoprimal: a Mega Man collaboration revealed and dated with the new features of Season 4

During the second day of the presentation Capcom Highlights, Exoprimal was also part of it with the introduction of its next new products. We refer you to the article in question for the video. Currently in its Season 3 launched in January, the game PvPvE with dinosaurs and heavily armed exoskeletons will welcome her Season 4 next April 17, date which was revealed on this occasion. Among the new features, players will be entitled to a collaboration with Mega Manwhich was to be expected since Street Fighter And Monster Hunter have already been there. The boss Yellow Devil will notably be present.

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Moreover, these are two new game modes and six beta exoskeleton variants which will be added, bringing their number to 30, but also some modules and a tool called Mortar. You will find some additional visuals on the next page.

Game Modes

  • Time Loop Rebellion : In this cooperative mode, 10 players face the final boss of the game, the Behemoth, in an even more powerful form. By completing certain achievements in this high difficulty mode, Exo Fighters can earn rewards, including “first class” golden Exo skins that demonstrate their mastery of combat.
  • Custom part : In this mode, players can create their own lobby and select exactly the map and mission type they want to participate in. These custom rooms can also be shared with players on different platforms, so friends can progress through the Jurassic Survival story together and team up to take on the Wild Gauntlet and Time Loop Rebellion modes. Custom Match also features a new setting called “Quick Fight,” which allows Exo Fighters to choose and jump straight into their preferred endgame missions, including those that are more player-versus-player (PvP) focused.


  • Zephyr Beta: Strengthening Claws
  • Vigilant Beta: Crossbowman
  • Krieger Beta: Canon Express
  • Murasame Beta: Hailwind
  • Witchdoctor Beta: Plasma Shot
  • Nimbus Beta: Wild Bomb

If you wish to obtain Exoprimalit is sold from €39.60 by Amazon and €26.99 on promotion at the house of Gamesplanet.

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