“Expensive and complicated repairs”: why iFixit abandons Samsung

iFixit has decided to end its partnership with Samsung aimed at making Galaxy smartphone repairs more accessible. The organization harshly accuses the Korean giant, citing too many problems and disagreements. The brand is defending itself.

A Samsung Galaxy smartphone under repair // Source: iFixit

iFixit announces “ the end of its collaboration with Samsung“. Just that. In a press release, the specialist in device repair – especially smartphones – explains that this break occurs due to “ disagreements on the level of investment by the industrialist in terms of repairability “.

But what collaboration are we talking about exactly? Two years ago, the Samsung Repair Hub was launched at iFixit in the United States. This was a repair program for Galaxy smartphones aimed at “ provide autonomous and independent repairers with the necessary documentation, tools and parts“. However, this association did not go well if we are to believe the iFixit press release.

Determined to develop Samsung devices and support the manufacturer to make the repair of its devices more accessible, the iFixit teams have observed numerous problems since the beginning of the partnership. Indeed, the original parts were sold at too high prices, the components were often glued and the batteries and screens were supplied in pre-glued sets, making repairs more expensive and complicated.

iFixit harshly accuses Samsung

Despite ongoing efforts to overcome these challenges and promote a more sustainable repair ecosystem”, iFixit estimates that “Samsung’s repairability philosophy does not match its values“. “A difficult but necessary decision“, we read in the press release which emphasizes the importance of making repairs accessible and affordable.

As we have seen, iFixit does not beat around the bush. Sandra Auboy, responsible for development in France at iFixit, is even a little more crude in her remarks. “We support brands truly committed to improving repairability, not those who simply make marketing announcements without substance. We hope that one day Samsung will become aware of this issue and finally wake up!»

Investigation embarrasses Samsung

Accusations that are aggravated by an investigation404 Media. According to it, Samsung would impose heavy constraints on independents offering repairs. Thus, if a service provider discovers, during an intervention, that a component supplied by a third party has been installed on the device, he would be obliged to completely disassemble the product and inform Samsung of this incident.

A Samsung Galaxy smartphone under repair // Source: iFixit

In addition, according to the investigation, if a service provider refuses to destroy a device at Samsung’s request, the Korean giant would be authorized to terminate their contract. Thus preventing the store from obtaining components and continuing to repair the brand’s products.

Finally, the brand would also prohibit independent repairers from working directly on the motherboard. Samsung would force them to replace the entire part. A process which necessarily increases the cost of the intervention. Note that the revelations of404 Mediaare based on consultation of a contract established in the United States. For the moment, there is nothing to confirm that similar constraints are applied in Europe and in France.

Samsung’s response

For its part, Samsung was quick to react to iFixit’s comments. Here is what the American branch of the firm says, contacted byAndroid Authority.

Samsung is committed to providing our customers with quality, accessible device care service, with flexible options to meet their needs, including on-site, mail and We Come to You services. For those who want to take advantage of our self-repair program, we offer Samsung-certified parts, tools and information for our approved products in one place: SamsungParts.com, powered by Encompass. We are proud of the work we have accomplished with iFixit. We cannot comment further on the details of the partnership at this time.

Finally, remember that iFixit is famous for the repairability ratings it gives to products. On this subject, the organization assures that the scores it will grant to future Samsung devices will not be influenced by this affair. Finally, you should also know that iFixit was one of the main interlocutors of the French State for the establishment of the repairability index and that it is also pushing the European Union to establish one.

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