Expert opinion brings out – hotel project burst: climate activists breathe easy

The planned hotel project in downtown Krems would have included a total of 110 rooms, 17 apartments, a two-story underground car park with 163 parking spaces and two business premises. After an expert opinion, this is suddenly off the table. Climate protectors cheer, city marketing has mixed feelings.

“Taking into account the tenants’ interests worthy of protection, there is no public interest in the realization of the project.” With this judgment of an expert opinion, the Krems hotel project is suddenly off the table. City marketing took note of this with “one laughing and one crying eye”. Although the sales areas intended for the project are now available again for other tenants, the planned parking spaces are said to be missing.

Politics is advancing
Not only the more than 20 tenants who are now allowed to stay in their apartments, but also those climate activists who – as reported – had mobilized against the plans by means of a petition, are relieved to respond to the sudden end. A resolution of the municipal council also ensures joy in the green soul. As the first city in Austria, Krems committed itself to reviewing all city senate and municipal council proposals for their climate relevance from autumn onwards.