Experts for 30 km/h speed limits – traffic accidents happen more often in local areas

Two thirds of traffic accidents in Salzburg occur in the local area. Experts therefore want a speed of 30 km/h.

The latest amendment to the StVO, which was approved by the National Council on Wednesday, brings with it a significant change for municipalities and cities: the easier implementation of 30 km/h zones. This decision is no coincidence, because over 280 municipalities and cities, supported by organizations such as the VCÖ and the Association of Cities, have jointly advocated for this measure. Why Tempo 30? In the state of Salzburg, two thirds of traffic accidents occur in the local area. What’s even more alarming is that more than 90 percent of pedestrian accidents happen right there. In 2022, 2,058 people were injured and eight lost their lives in traffic accidents in the local area alone. 39 people were seriously injured and three were fatally injured in pedestrian accidents. Older people and children are particularly affected, as they become victims of pedestrian accidents in a quarter and a sixth of cases respectively. The new amendment to the StVO opens the way for easier implementation of the 30 km/h speed limit, especially in places where there are more children and older people on the road , such as schools, kindergartens, retirement homes, hospitals or leisure facilities. This measure is an important step towards greater safety in Salzburg’s road traffic and protection for those who are most at risk.
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