“Extraordinary”: Luana Belmondo, her tender tribute to her son Victor for his 30th birthday

A picture is worth a thousand words, but Luana Belmondo is not the last to use them. Mother of three boys, the wife of former racing driver Paul Belmondo is very attached to his family, and don’t hesitate to celebrate it whenever you can. The one who became the grandmother of a little Vahé, her first grandson, thus takes time to honor each member of the Belmondo clanstarting with his youngest son, Victor, which she wanted to honor for her birthday. Turned thirty on December 15, the actor was at the heart of an Instagram post from his mother, fulfilled by her boy. Revealing a tender photo of the mother-son duo, Luana Belmondo wrote a few sentences in the caption about her second son.

“Happy 30th birthday, Victor!” began the mother who would not miss her son’s victories for anything in the world: last May, Victor was honored alongside his parents in Monaco for his role in the series bardot. Very proud of him, she explains on Instagram that she wants, “on this special day”remind him how important he is “extraordinary”. She goes on to list the many qualities she appreciates in him: “Your strength, your kindness and your determination are so unique that even everyone around you is carried by you.” She then describes it as a “sensitive man”, always ready to help and make himself available to others. “THANKS”she concludes, wishing him “all the happiness and success” that he deserves in this new decade, which she says is the most beautiful for her. “I am proud of the exceptional man you have become. Happy birthday, my son che amo così tanto.”

A family habit

But Luana Belmondo is not the only one to express her feelings on the networks when it comes to celebrating her loved ones. Her husband, Paul Belmondoalso does not hesitate to make tender declarations on Instagram when the moment is right. This is how he appeared very in love with his wife last March, while Luana Belmondo celebrated her 52nd birthday.

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