Extreme measures: Trump planned to confiscate voting machines

Extreme Measures
Trump planned to confiscate voting machines

Donald Trump still cannot accept his election defeat. What the ex-president of the USA wanted to do to stay in power is gradually coming to light.

Following Donald Trump’s election defeat in November 2020, the White House reportedly drafted a presidential decree ordering the top US military officer to seize all voting machines in the country. The document issued by the National Archives was never signed, the reported News portal “Politico” on Friday. It shows the extreme measures Trump was willing to take to remain in power despite his defeat in the presidential election.

“Effective immediately, the Department of Defense must seize, collect, secure and analyze all machinery, equipment, electronically stored information” about the election,” the three-page document said, which is one of more than 750 papers submitted to the House Committee of Inquiry who is investigating the storming of the US Capitol.

The draft of the order, dated December 16, 2020, also provides for the appointment of a public prosecutor who should bring charges in connection with the confiscated voting machines for any allegation of fraud. The measure is justified with a number of conspiracy theories – which have been refuted several times – according to which the voting machines had been manipulated. It is unclear who wrote the draft.

Allegations of voter fraud

Trump is still spreading the unsupported claim that massive election fraud robbed him of a second term. He took legal action against the release of the documents. He suffered a clear legal defeat in the Supreme Court this week.

The documents include, among other things, memos to his staff, emails and lists of people who visited or called him on January 6, 2021, and notes made during those conversations. Among other things, the investigative committee wants to use the documents to uncover the exact background to the attack on the Capitol.

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