Eye care – that’s the right one for you!


Wrinkles, dark circles, puffiness? From eye cream to make-up – we have the best beauty tips for a well-groomed eye area!

Eye care against wrinkles

Problem: At 0.5 mm, the game around the eyes is almost four times thinner than the rest of the facial skin. In addition there are hardly any subcutaneous fatty tissue, as well as few sebaceous and sweat glands, which protect them from drying out and – last but not least – 10,000 blink movements per day! So if you want to counteract wrinkles and lines, you should start taking good eye care early on .

This helps:

  • Moisture, moisture and moisture again! This applies already from the age of 25 years. Ideal is an eye care with hyaluron .
  • In addition, collagen production decreases with age and the skin loses its elasticity. A maximum of anti-aging care now provide textures with vitamins C, E and peptides .
  • Also not to forget: the effect of the beauty hero Vitamin A (Retinol) . It stimulates cell metabolism.
  • Absolute must for daytime: a cream with UV protection . UV radiation is and will remain the main factor in premature skin aging !

Eye care against eye shadow

Problem: The skin around the eyes is particularly thin, so that blood and lymph vessels shine through. How strongly dark circles are pronounced, in turn, depends on how well the veins are supplied with blood. Too little sleep and too much stress, for example, change the oxygen concentration in the blood, make it flow more slowly and turn darker.

The result: bluish shimmering dark circles that greet us already in the morning look in the mirror. Lack of sleep and a high load are just two factors for the dark shadows. Even pigment accumulation, too little liquid or wrong diet in the form of mineral or vitamin deficiency can cause eye shadow. For example, while brownish-black discoloration indicates a lack of iron, bluish-red dark circles are a sign of magnesium deficiency.

This helps:

  • If you can not control the eye shadow despite sufficient sleep, fluid and nutrition, you can reach into the make-up box of tricks and magic away the unsightly discolorations with a concealer .
  • Class here are also products with pearl particles that reflect the light.

Eye care against swelling

Problem: The night was short, the day before stressful and a few glasses of wine in the evening do the rest to reward us the next day with thick, swollen eyes and puffiness. But eye bags can also be triggered by illness or allergies. The main cause is the jammed lymphatic fluid, which can run off worse, especially at night, when the body is in a horizontal position.

This helps:

  • Make sure you have enough sleep – at least seven hours . Choose a pillow that is not too shallow or too thick for the head and spine to form a straight line.
  • Absolutely ensure a room temperature of 18 to 19 degrees  . The warmer the bedroom, the thicker the eyes get.
  • For permanently swollen eyes, it helps to put in a rejuvenation day once a week , which has a dehydrated effect.
  • An eye cream with caffeine or a massage ball , cools, has a decongestant and stimulates microcirculation.
  • Using the index and middle fingers, massage the skin from the root of the nose to the temples. Then from the outer corner of the eye under the eyebrows back to the root of the nose. Repeat five times.

There are even more tips against swollen eyes  here.

Eye care for irritation and redness

Problem: The eye area is very sensitive and needs a lot of care: its low hydrolipid film offers little protection to the delicate skin. Too much make-up or the wrong products as well as sun and Co. can quickly lead to irritated and reddened eyes. Especially contact lens wearers suffer. By the way, here are some tips for you, what you have to look out for when applying makeup with contact lenses .

This helps:

  • Provide relief lotions or tonics with bisabolol, chamomile or panthenol .
  • Reddened, irritated skin often lacks sufficient moisture. Good is an eye care with hyaluron or thermal water . The Hydra boosters penetrate deep into the skin and bind the moisture there.
  • Eyebright drops calm and stabilize the vessels.
  • Quick on-the-spot help: After cleansing, soak two cotton pads with a lotion specially designed for the sensitive area around the eyes and rest for 10 minutes as a calming and relaxing eye compress .