Eyelash lifting set: how does lash lifting work at home?

Eyelash lifting set
This is how lash lifting works at home

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An eyelash lifting set promises long, curved eyelashes for the perfect look. Can you do an eyelash lift yourself? And how long does a lash lift with the set last at home? You can find all the answers here.

What is an eyelash lift?

The eyelash lifting is a cosmetic treatment that promises permanent more curl for your own eyelashes. Your natural eyelashes will be bent upwards. A special liquid ensures that the eyelashes stay in place for a few weeks. The lash lifting is Not to be confused with eyelash extensionswhere false eyelashes are used.

What is the difference between eyelash curling and eyelash lifting?

There is a difference between eyelash lifting and eyelash curling. With the latter, the eyelash hairs are wrapped around a roll, while the natural eyelashes are bent upwards directly at the base of the eyelash lift. That’s why they work Eyelashes look longer with eyelash lifting than with the eyelash wave. You can now even buy eyelash lifting sets that the cosmetic studio can bring to your home.

How long does an eyelash lift last?

An eyelash lift lasts up to eight weeks. There is hardly any difference in durability between an eyelash lifting set and a visit to the cosmetic studio.

Eyelash lifting set: what should be considered when using it?

Have you decided on an eyelash lifting set for your home? Then there are a few hints that you should pay attention to beforehand. Make sure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients in the products you use. You can test this on inconspicuous areas of the skin or take a look at the list of ingredients. It is also advisable to familiarize yourself with how to use it in advance. In the best case scenario, you will get a friend to help you for the treatment at home.

What should a good eyelash lifting kit contain?

If you want to buy an eyelash lift kit, you should pay attention to what is included in the lift kit. Often there are also special starter kits that deliver all the necessary utensils directly. Here you can read what the eyelash lifting kit should contain:

  • Eyelash glue
  • Perm solution
  • Fixation
  • care
  • cleaning supplies
  • Silicone cushions
  • Modeling brush

Eyelash lifting sets in comparison: which is the best?

If you decide on an eyelash lifting set, you will quickly find out: There are countless eyelash lifting kits for at home. But which is the best set? There is no general answer, because our eyelashes are as individual as we humans. Still there is three eyelash lifting setsthat scored positively on the inside with the majority of the testers – and of course we don’t want to withhold them from you.

Eyelash lifting set of iconsign

The Iconign eyelash lifting set is one of the most popular sets – and rightly so. It contains everything you need for an eyelash lift and offers silicone pads in five different sizes. The kit is also suitable for an eyebrow lift. The manufacturer of the eyelash lifting set promises around twelve to 15 applications.


The Gleebee Lash Lifting Set is our secret favorite. This kit also contains everything you need for home use. The individual products are numbered here so that nothing gets mixed up during use. The eyelash lifting set also contains a vitamin lotion that nourishes our eyelashes. And: the glue is purely vegetable.


The manufacturer of the Scdom eyelash lifting set promises up to 15 applications with a single kit. All important utensils are also included here – including silicone cushions in five different sizes. The highlight: The keratin contained in the products cares for the eyelashes.

Eyelash lifting set: what size silicone pillow?

When you buy the eyelash lifting set, you will quickly notice that there are differences in the size of the silicone pads. They ensure that your eyelashes take on the shape you want. When choosing the silicone pillow, the length of your eyelashes is the most important factor. If your eyelash hairs are too long, they will bend upwards a lot. Larger silicone pillows are therefore suitable for long eyelashes, while smaller silicone pillows are better suited for short eyelashes.

Eyelash lifting set: step-by-step instructions for at home

Before you get started – not all eyelash lifting kits are created equal. So our instructions may differ from those of your set. Before you start, be sure to read the product’s directions for use.

  1. Cleaning: First of all, you should remove makeup from your eyes. In addition, your eyelashes must be free of grease so that the products can develop their effect.
  2. Silicone cushion: The silicone cushion largely determines the shape and curve of your eyelashes. So choosing the right size is important. The eye pillow is then placed on the upper eyelid directly on the lash line. Then you should press all the hairs from roots to tips onto the silicone pad. You can also use a cotton swab to help you do this. Use the eyelash glue to fix the hairs on the eye pillow. You can let it dry for a minute for optimal hold.
  3. Perm solution: When the glue has dried, the permanent wave solution is used. You apply this to the eyelash hairs with the modeling brush from roots to tips. Then cover the eyelashes with some cling film and let it work for ten to twelve minutes. Then use a cotton swab to remove the permanent wave lotion from the eyelashes.
  4. Fixation: Now it is the turn of the fixative. Do this exactly as you did in the previous step. But note the shortened exposure time of around eight to ten minutes. Then remove the fixation from the hairs with a cotton swab.
  5. Care: The subsequent care is very important. But there is not always a lotion in the eyelash care set. You should pay attention to this. Lash lifting is a chemical treatment that attacks your eyelashes. You apply the lotion just like fixation and perm solution. Let the care act briefly and then remove it from the eyelash hairs.
  6. Detach the eyelashes from the silicone pad: In the very last step, the eyelashes are gently removed from the eye pillow. Here you can Eyelash roller remover to help.

Can you color the eyelashes after the lift?

After the eyelash lift, the eyelashes can be colored. It’s actually very popular. The resulting dark hairs visually intensify the curl of the eyelashes and ensure a perfect result. This means that mascara and eyelash curlers are a thing of the past. To increase the effect, you can also use a Eyelash serum use. Within a very short time your eyelashes will be significantly longer and ensure a beautiful look.

Does an eyelash lifting set break your own eyelashes?

As a rule, the eyelash lifting set does not harm the eyelashes – as long as you observe a few things. So that the hairs are not affected regular recovery phases Recommended between the individual applications. It is advisable to take a break of around two months between lifts. If you like, you can give your eyelashes an extra helping of care with the help of castor oil.

Eyelash lifting: cosmetic studio or home application?

Basically, nothing speaks against the home application of an eyelash lift. However, the eyelash lifting set for at home is associated with a lot of effort. You should make yourself familiar with the application and the possible dangers beforehand. You also need a steady hand and patience. Ideally, you will also get a friend to help. The professional eyelash lift, on the other hand, is more relaxed, but more expensive. You should expect 40–60 euros.

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