Eyeliner hack: This is how your eyeliner comes into its own even with a droopy eyelid

Eyeliner Hack
The perfect eyeliner for drooping eyelids

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The fashion and beauty news of the day in the BRIGITTE ticker: This eyeliner hack is perfect for droopy eyelids +++ With eyebrow gel for the perfect mascara application.

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May 3, 2022

This eyeliner hack is a game changer for sagging eyelids

A beautiful eyeliner never really goes out of style. It puts a great focus on the eye area and lets it shine. You can also play with the length, width and shape – curved or straight, with or without wings – so that the eyes appear either round, oval or cat-shaped. But the perfect eyeliner takes a little practice. And anyone who has droopy eyelids has to face another challenge straight away. Because with a little to no visible eyelid crease, any eye make-up disappears quickly. With this practical tip, your eyeliner will pop despite a droopy eyelid.

It is also important that you draw the line as thinly as possible and apply it close to the lash line. It is best to use liquid eyeliner for this, which can be used very precisely. The outer line – the so-called wing – can then swing upwards. The trick here is to only go so far that the line doesn’t disappear into the crease of the eye. Et voilà, the perfect eyeliner look is done.

May 2, 2022

This is how you prevent mascara goofs on the upper eyelid

Who doesn’t know it: the mascara was applied to the eyelashes with the utmost precision and even more contortions, and yet at the end of the make-up routine there are nasty little mistakes on the lid or in the eyebrows. Annoying! But it also happens to professionals that the mascara hangs everywhere after make-up – unless they use this effective trick. With a small step after the inking you can safely get rid of the mess problem from now on.

And it’s that easy: You apply your mascara as usual, but then without waiting long you go over the tips with a transparent eyebrow gel. This not only gives your eyelashes an extra portion of shine, but also seals them. Bonus: Due to the shaping texture of the brow product, the eyelashes are automatically curved upwards and get additional momentum. Annoying stamping of wet mascara – with this trick we can now safely forget.

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