Eyeshadow Mistake: Use this trick to avoid a typical makeup glitch

Almost everyone makes this eyeshadow mistake: r – you too?

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We have all sat angry in front of our make-up mirror because the eyeshadow just didn’t want to be the way we did. The reason for this is a certain mistake – and no, it’s not about veneering.

Your eyeshadow just doesn’t want to look like it did in all the tutorials and somehow the result will never be what you imagine anyway? You are definitely not alone with this. Lots of people think they’re just not good at blending eyeshadow – that’s often not the crux of the matter. There is one much bigger mistake that many of us make without realizing it.

Placement is key

On his YouTube channel, the American make-up guru Wayne Goss reveals that not blending, but incorrectly placing the eye shadow is the biggest mistake of all. “If you get the placement wrong, the whole eyeshadow look looks weird.” It’s not about smacking the whole eye with eyeshadow, but rather emphasizing your own eye shape. And this is how you do it:

Don’t just place the eyeshadow at the end of the outer corner of your eye. Even if that seems logical at first. The point where you apply the eyeshadow should ideally be in line with the end of the eyebrow. Imagine placing a pencil from the end of the outer corner to the end of the brow. Your eyeshadow must “end” at this diagonal. That means: You tend to place the product a little further outside the eyelid, which creates a slight cat-eye effect.

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Place first, then blend

From this point you now start to place the eyeshadow along your crease in the direction of the inner corner of the eye. Take a small pencil brush here and apply the eyeshadow only with light pressure. You can also fill in the movable lid with the same color. Now you take a blender brush (without the product!) And gently blend the edges.

Finally, use the color on the lower lash line so that the eyeshadow looks more harmonious. It is ESSENTIAL to combine the color with the color at the upper, outer corner of the eye. Otherwise the eye will get a strange shape. You can of course use more than one color, but everything starts with the correct placement of the first color. That alone is the key to the perfect eye shadow. Okay, veneering also plays a role – but you’ve definitely known that for a long time …


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