Ezviz launches into connected videophones with gate control with the HP7

Ezviz offers a wide range of surveillance cameras, but the firm is not left out when it comes to welcoming visitors. It is now launching a new connected videophone: the HP7. Unlike a video doorbell such as the DB2 Pro, which films visitors, but requires the use of the smartphone to see them and answer them, the videophone includes a screen to be installed in the house. The smartphone is therefore not necessary with the HP7, even if it can be used, in particular remotely, thanks to wifi (2.4 and 5 GHz supported). The new Ezviz videophone should also play doorman and open the gate of the house.

Video and gate commands

The roadside panel includes a terminal block for connecting a motor and a gate strike, in addition to a power supply. There is also an RFID reader to open the gate using badges from the outside without taking out your smartphone. Ezviz provides three. On the other hand, no system seems to be provided for the guests to open themselves, like the QR Code to share from the Connect 2 from Extel. In short, they will be obliged to ring.

The turntable is also equipped with a camera to show visitors. This delivers images up to 2048 x 1296 pixels, which can be viewed on the 7-inch and 1024 x 600 pixel screen to be installed at home, or in the Ezviz application. These images can be saved to a microSD card or, via a paid subscription, to the manufacturer’s cloud. Of course, the screen of the HP7 also allows you to open the gate and you benefit from a microphone and a loudspeaker, as on the plate that Ezviz has also thought of protecting from the weather.

The HP7 connected videophone is now available at a price of €300.

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