F1 22: the drivers discover their scores on video, who is the best?

As in the Fifathe revelation of the athletes’ scores is a great moment for the players, and EA Games decided to mark the occasion with F1 22 by sharing a long video where it is the pilots themselves who discover their notes on a board. So who is the best driver Formula 1 This year ?

Of course, Max Verstappen, the reigning world champion, gets the highest mark, 94/100, but he is tied with his rival from last year, Lewis Hamilton, who is however much more difficult to score big points this season. If some scores are logical, like Charles Leclerc at 92, Sergio Perez at 88 or Pierre Gasly at 84, others are already raising eyebrows among fans, like Zhou Guanyu at 70, tied with Nicholas Latifi, or Lando Norris and his 90 not necessarily deserved. EA Games explains that these ratings were assigned with the help of Anthony Davidson, David Croft and Alex Jacques, experts in Formula 1and are based on the results before the Baku Grand Prix. These ratings represent four categories:

  • Experience (EXP) : it is based on the number of race starts of a driver during his career.
  • Racecraft (RAC) : the ability of the driver to make his way through the peloton and finish in a higher position than the starting position.
  • Outreach (AWA) : spending less time in the marshal room will help drivers in this category. Real world penalties will impact the score.
  • Rhythm (PAC) : advantage those who come closest to the best qualifying and race times. Beating your teammate also counts towards a driver.
  • Evaluation (RTG) : the combination of the previous four notes. This general rating goes up and down throughout the season based on performance.

In addition, the developers recall that these ratings will evolve throughout the season to stick as closely as possible to realitythe senior franchise director F1 from home CodemastersPaul Jeal, explains:

A true staple of other EA SPORTS titles, our evolving driver rankings continue to elicit feedback from drivers, and it’s great to see the camaraderie between teammates spoofing each other. Our new panel of F1 experts will work closely with us to ensure F1 22 reflects what’s happening on the track, and we know the updates will spark even more debate as the season progresses.

You can find all the notes of the pilots of F1 22 in detail and in pictures on the second page. The release date of the game is set for July 1st. on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, you can pre-order it via our buying guide.

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