F1 23: huge numbers to conclude the 2023 season

The 2023 season of Formula 1 left no room for suspenseMax Verstappen won his third title Drivers’ World Championwhile Red Bull Racing obtained his sixth trophy of the World Constructors’ Champion. Fortunately, players were able to have fun in F1 23the official video game ofEA Games And Codemasters.

The studios are publishing an infographic this week to take stock of the 2023 season in F1 23, players participated in 73 million races, completed a billion laps and traveled 5.25 billion kilometers. As for the pilots, Max Verstappen is obviously the most selectedfollowed by the septuple World champion Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc, the unlucky one from home Ferrari. Same thing at the stables, Red Bull is the most chosen, followed by Mercedes and the Scuderia of the prancing horse.

More interestingly, players prefer to ride on the circuits of Bahrain, Melbourne and Austria. The red flag, a feature reintroduced in F1 23, has been waved more than 4.5 million times and 900,000 Pro Challenges were won, requiring as a reminder to beat the times of real pilots. Lee Mather, senior creative director at the house of Codemasterscomments:

Max Verstappen’s outstanding performances and Red Bull’s dominance on the track marked the 2023 season. It is very interesting to see how this was also reflected in the game through the players’ choices. It’s extremely rewarding to see the tremendous player engagement in F1 23 and how well-received new features like Red Flags and Pro Challenges have been. We look forward to another year of full-speed competition and delivering even more exciting experiences to our players around the world.

F1 23 As a reminder, it is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, you can find it from €39.90 on Amazon, Cdiscount And there Fnac.

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