Fabien Leceuvre gives notice to Grand Corps Malade

Fabien Leceuvre believes that Grand Corps Malade uses his words in a distorted way in his new title, “Des gens beaux”. The columnist had caused a scandal by speaking of the singer Hoshi, estimating her talent but criticizing her physique.

On April 7, 2021, Fabien Lecoeur spoke on the radio about the artist Hoshi. His opinion ? “She has an incredible talent, it is indisputable… But you still put a poster of Hoshi in your room you?”. The chronicler going so far as to judge his physique “frightening”.

His words immediately created a scandal. Many artists and fans had shown their support for the singer, denouncing the sexism and lesbophobia of Fabien Lecoeur. The 24-year-old singer also responded to the show. “C à Vous” on France 5, asserting:“Frankly, it hurts your heart. It’s not normal to hear that on TV in 2021. And it’s deeply hurtful for me, for my family, for the people who listen to me.”

The columnist had tried to apologize on Twitter, once again, without success. “Good evening Hoshi, a thousand apologies for these awkward words taken out of context and which may have hurt you. I was simply relating a difference from the time when record companies and audiences paid much more attention to the physique of the artists than today. “, he tweeted. Hoshi had not hesitated to answer him in these terms: “But is it actually a joke? You’re still talking about my looks. Mind-blowing. It’s because of people like you that young people give up their dreams, not because of the record companies.”

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Video by Clemence Chevallet

From this flow of support, the artist Grand Corps Malade drew a song, entitled Beautiful People. He uses in it the words of Fabien Lecoeuvre. What the columnist opposes … Indeed, he decided to put on notice, on July 27, Grand Corps Malade and the record company Warner Music France. In a letter, he purely and simply asks for the end of the exploitation of the song Beautiful people as soon as possible and deletion within “all the streaming media and other platforms of the stage reproductions of Grand Corps Malade where the latter dialogues with the public on this song.”

Fabien Lecoeur believes that this use without his authorization of his interview is prejudicial to him, in the context of a controversy to which he believes he has answered many times. The courier also estimates “that the use, partial and elliptical, of his words without his validation aims to betray his thought and his reasoning, largely developed in his interview given on the webradio Ars Mada.” In the meantime, the track remains available to listen to and its clip, posted to YouTube on July 9, has totaled nearly one million views.

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