Fabienne Carat confined: this frenzied dance with her sister who enchants the canvas: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

Almost twin sisters. Very active on social networks, the one who embodies Samia in More beautiful life seems to take containment rather positively. She also used her spare time to record a new song, composed by Marvin Marchand. But above all, since the start of the coronavirus epidemic, Fabienne Carat has published articles and videos on Instagram in order to make the daily life of its subscribers more pleasant during this gloomy period. For example, the actress had a clever idea to relieve people who would be worried about going out without a mask. Why not transform a sleep mask into a makeshift mask? Or, for those who miss the long afternoons to bask in the sun, why not arrange a corner chill on the edge of his window?

Rhythm in the skin!

Saturday April 17, 2020, this time througha music video that the actress wanted to please her fans. Accompanied by her younger sister Carole, the two women engaged in a frenzied choreography on an air of Young ladies of Rochefort. And they have nothing to envy the Garnier sisters! Dressed in two identical purple dresses, the actress and her sister, interior decorator, were able to show their sense of rhythm in front of their conquered fans. Rebecca Hampton, partner of Fabienne Carat in the flagship series of France 3, was also seduced by their dance steps. "Magic! You are sublime sisters! What a good start to the weekend! A little beauty and freshness it feels good! ", she exclaimed in comments. Life is better in music!