Fabienne Carat speaks for the first time about the affair

Actor Marwan Berreni disappeared on the night of August 3, 2023 under mysterious circumstances. Fabienne Carat comes out of silence for the first time.

A real mystery! Marwan Berreni, the actor of More beautiful lifeis accused of having caused a car accident in Mâcon, on the night of August 3, 2023. More precisely, the one who plays Abdel on screen, would have hit a woman and her dog around 11 p.m. Faced with this shocking scene, the actor would have fled. Because since this tragedy, no trace of the actor. He vanished. But his friends, including Fabienne Carat, find it hard to imagine that he could have shown such cowardice.

“After a few days, he would have come to his senses and would have assumed, He’s not someone who’s running away,” assures a friend of Marwan Berreni to Parisian. Before adding: “And then, where would he have gone, and how? Everyone knows his face! We are all stunned, it’s incomprehensible.” Indeed, this matter is a real mystery. Scenarios like carjacking or attempted extortion were even considered. This Monday, September 18, his former colleague and friend Fabienne Carat speaks for the first time about this worrying disappearance.

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Fabienne Carat speaks about the disappearance of her friend Marwan Berreni

Invited to Jordan LuxuryFabienne Carat spoke for the first time about the disappearance of Marwan Berreni. “I heard everything that it wasn’t his car, that it wasn’t him, I don’t know anything about it, everyone is making up stories, no one knows…”, indicates the actress. And when the presenter asks him what his feelings are on this matter, “you who feel things”, Fabienne Carat is not very reassuring.

Indeed, Carole Carat’s sister responds: “Frankly what I feel I don’t want to say, because I hope he is well and that she is a person with a heart of gold that I love very much. Marwan is my love baby.” A statement which suggests that Fabienne Carat has a bad feeling. Then, Jordan De Luxe asks his guest if she raised the subject with her other former colleagues from More beautiful life. And the answer is clear: “No, it’s totally taboo. It’s freezing.”

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