“Face à baba”: Yannick Jadot stings Marine Le Pen on his relationship with Vladimir Poutine

During the program “Face à baba”, Wednesday March 16, Yannick Jadot questioned Marine Le Pen on her privileged links with Vladimir Poutine.

“In 2017, when you campaigned, you were funded by the Russians, by [Vladimir] Putin. In the last leaflet that you had to do, you had to put your photo with Vladimir Poutine”, declared Yannick Jadot on the set of C8. The candidate Europe Écologie Les Verts in the next presidential election has criticized Marine Le Pen for having supported the Russian president during the Russian annexation of Crimea in 2014.

In her last eight-page campaign leaflet, the National Rally candidate appeared, in one of the photos, with Vladimir Putin. This photo was supposed to praise the international stature of the candidate.

1.2 million copies

Unfortunately for her, it was printed in 1.2 million copies, a decision that the far-right party regretted, five days after the start of the War in Ukraine. According to Liberation, the National Rally has decided to withdraw the document as soon as possible and throw the rest in the trash.


“It shows that you are visionary in terms of foreign policy. He’s your friend, he’s the nationalist international. Today, he is committing atrocities and war crimes in Ukraine, simply because Ukrainians are defending their freedom and democracy,” added Yannick Jadot.

In the days following the start of the War in Ukraine, Marine Le Pen tried to justify herself to public opinion by explaining that she had distanced herself from the Russian president. “I hope that Vladimir Putin will make the choice of reason and that he will stop ringing the guns. I wish it with all my heart. But it is the international bodies that can obtain this cessation of fighting, ”she said in an interview on BFMTV, March 2, 2022.

She explained that her view of Vladimir Putin has changed since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. According to the latest OpinionWay barometer for CNEWS, Marine Le Pen is currently second at 18% behind the outgoing president (29%) and ahead of Éric Zemmour (12%).

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