Faced with Olivier Faure, praise of the “tyranny of merit”

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Olivier Faure shattered the “myth of equal opportunity” as well as the merit which, according to him, has become obsolete. Another Republican principle flouted.

By Said Mahrane

Children during the start of the 2022 school year, in a school in Montbéliard.

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VSIt is no longer “deconstruction”, but destruction. In our treasures inherited from the establishment of a republic resides an essential principle which has ended up, over time, gaining unanimity, on the left, of course, but also on the right: merit. It was the end of legitimacy drawn from blood, from a noble class or label.

Merit derives from an effort, an overcoming, a commitment, which is, ultimately, the main way of having control over one’s destiny. Work as the only standard, which determines access to a social position. In Latin, merit means gain. It is an equalizing answer, a republican answer. And, as for democracy, we can judge that it is the least worst of the lifting systems.

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