Faces of Moms: “… in the shower I realize how systemically important I am for the family”

“Faces of Moms*” is a platform where mothers make honest statements. They always answer three questions: What is your biggest challenge? What’s your biggest fuck up? what would help you The two founders Nicole Noller, 37, and Natalie Stanczak, 38, want to make the diversity of motherhood visible and the structural disadvantages that caregivers experience. It’s about raising awareness of the value of care work, which is still largely done by mothers.

“We want to be disruptive and provide impetus,” says Natalie Stanczek in an interview with BRIGITTE. She is a sociologist and freelance photographer and loves to document everyday life in families. With the project, she combines both passions.

They have now conducted more than 500 interviews. It all started as an Instagram campaign during the Corona period. “The striking statements in connection with the personal photos were well received,” says Stanczak. “They elicited both outrage and approval, definitely emotion.”

There is also a podcast with the claim “How are you really?”, exhibitions, panel discussions and the book “Until one* weeps!”, which portrays mothers who question the status quo and describe their daily problems. Whether Mom of Color , Muslima, DJane, main breadwinner or full-time mother, they all give insights into their everyday life and inspire in their own way.

“Honest statements are rarely made in the context of mothers,” says Stanczak. “We mothers compare ourselves to each other because the myth of good motherhood and social expectations that are too high are in us.” “Faces of Moms*” makes honest communication possible.” That’s good for many, especially to understand that it’s not an individual failure, but that parenthood is made more difficult by structural components.” Her vision: appreciative connections between mothers and their own “Faces of Moms*” festival.


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