Faeser warns of right-wing extremists: Hundreds of anti-Russian and anti-Ukrainian crimes

Faeser warns of right-wing extremists
Hundreds of anti-Russian and anti-Ukrainian crimes

Since the beginning of the Russian war of aggression, crimes in this country have been aimed specifically at Russians and Ukrainians. Federal Minister of the Interior Faeser sees the danger that the war will be carried into society. She also warns of a development among right-wing extremists.

According to information from the Federal Ministry of the Interior, the security authorities have counted 383 anti-Russian crimes and 181 anti-Ukrainian crimes in Germany since the beginning of the war. These are mainly insults, damage to property, but also some acts of violence. “This war must not be waged on the backs of Ukrainians or Russians in Germany,” said Interior Minister Nancy Faeser to the newspapers of the Funke media group. The security authorities would “keep a close eye on how much danger Russian and Ukrainian citizens are in Germany,” said the SPD politician.

Faeser emphasized: “We have to be very careful that this war is not carried into our society. That’s why we defend ourselves so clearly against Russian lies and propaganda.”

The Federal Minister of the Interior also warned that right-wing extremists in Germany want to make political capital out of the war in Ukraine. “We also see that right-wing extremists want to use the war for themselves – just as they try to abuse every crisis for their hate speech,” the SPD politician told the Funke newspapers.

The minister added: “The security authorities take a very close look at who is glorifying Putin’s war of aggression.” Refugee Ukrainians are very hurt when the “Z” symbol is shown in Germany. This is a symbol of “approval of and support for the criminal Russian war of aggression – and can therefore be prosecuted as a criminal offense in Germany,” Faeser emphasized. “I am in favor of consistent action whenever the threshold of criminal liability is exceeded. Here, as a state, we also have a protection mandate.”

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