Failed marriage proposal: $16,000 ring disappears in the sand

Failed marriage proposal
$16,000 engagement ring disappears in sand after hug

The search for the engagement ring made this marriage proposal more exciting than anticipated.


Tory Parker asks his girlfriend Kirsten Durand the all-important question in a very romantic way and in the best weather. It couldn’t be better – but then a mishap happens…

Everything should be perfect: Surrounded by friends and family, Tory Parker gets on his knees in front of his girlfriend Kirsten Durand and proposes to her. But no one could have foreseen the consequences of their exuberant reaction.

The engagement ring falls on the sand

When the bride-to-be falls into the arms of her fiancé, the engagement ring flies in a high arc onto the fine sand, in which it completely disappears. The subsequent search not only demands a lot from the couple: everyone present joins forces to help find the lost “treasure”. In the video you can see how the search went and whether the 16,000 euro engagement ring was finally found.

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