Fake Bob: The trend hairstyle without any haircuts

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FOB – The bob without cutting your hair

Carrole Sagba at Paris Fashion Week 2021

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In the conflict between long hair and trendy short haircut? We now have the solution: short hair for a day. The F (ake) – (B) ob makes it possible! Refined and elegant at the same time, the “FOB” is the perfect cheat hairstyle. We show how everyone: r can easily recreate this trend.

Suddenly cutting off your hair, which has always been worn long and loose, can be pretty scary. The big change is discussed and discussed thoroughly with the friends and doubts arise at the latest before visiting the salon, because we don’t know what it will look like in the end. A bob once, please, and then long hair again tomorrow? Unfortunately, it’s not that easy … Or maybe it is ?! The fake bob makes it possible and all without scissors. With these two variants of the FOB you can easily try out whether a bob suits you.

Bob without cutting: the trend from the 50s

FOB: The hairstyle trend for everyone who wants to test a bob without scissors: Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly with Fake Bob ca.1955

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While many women go for long, luscious hair, there has always been something special about the bob, something refreshing. Especially since the 90s, bobs have come a long way in advancing styling. Because strictly speaking, the fake bob that we all want right now is not a new trend at all. This is about a hairdressing technique from the 1950s, as already worn by Grace Kelly. Even then, the FOB was lavishly laid and blow-dried, but above all never cut.

Fake it till you make it

Today a bob is hipper than ever and if you don’t want to give up your long hair, we’ll show you how it can be done differently. The FOB can therefore be a temporary solution until we dare to create a “real” bob or a varied look for everyday life. The FOB is an updo technology that looks more complex than it actually is. Because all we need are a lot of hair clips. With these two different variants, we show how the FOB can easily be imitated at home.

Version 1:

For the first variant of the FOB you will need a curling iron, hair ties and lots of bobby pins. Of course, a heat spray is good to protect the hair and a hairspray at the end to be able to wear the look for a long time without it falling apart. After you have curled the hair with the curling iron, you start with a strand and place a hair elastic at the bottom. Then you twist the hair up to the desired height, like with a curler. Now the bobby pins are used: The twisted hair is now attached to the hairline with the help of bobby pins.

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When the first strand is in place, it can continue down the head. Whereby we can dare to take slightly larger strands at the back of the head. When the hair is rolled up at chin level, we can now – carefully – loosen individual strands from the updo. This gives the look a casual, unwanted touch. Now just put in hairspray and the look is ready!

Variant 2:

This variant does not work with a curling iron, it is braided. First, we separate the top third of the hair and pin it off. Then the lower hair is braided into a total of two to three braids and then attached to the hairline with bobby pins. Then we let the upper hair fall and follow the same procedure as with the first variant.

We fasten hair ties at the bottom of the remaining strands of hair, twist the strand up and this time secure it in the braided hair at the back of the head. In addition, the upper third of the hair can be gently teased. This is how the fake bob looks fuller and more voluminous. This FOB technique is particularly suitable for slightly longer hair, as we use the braiding technique to mark out the longest section of hair.

In fact, all the pinning, winding, twisting, twirling and straightening is not an easy matter if you’ve never done it before. But – as the saying goes – practice makes perfect: in.

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