Fall asleep in 2 Minutes: This Military Trick Really Works!

Fall asleep in 2 minutes: this military trick really works!

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So one thing we can already say: counting sheep, rolling around and inner to-do lists do not help you fall asleep. The rulers of the American military know what really works.

by Marie Stadler

Soldiers should be well rested, because lack of sleep delays the reaction, makes people make bad decisions and overreacts. Everything is not so optimal if you are handling weapons and are in an exceptional situation anyway. In the book “Relax and Win: Championship Performance“explains Lloyd Bud Winter how the American military ensures that sleep is not neglected, even in uncomfortable situations. With a trick you are supposedly within two minutes in the land of dreams. It doesn’t matter how you feel before. Sounds closed beautiful to be true? We tried the self.

That’s how it’s done

Relax your facial muscles, i.e. the tongue, the jaw muscles, and the muscles around the eyes.

Drop your shoulders, then relax your arms, one at a time. As you exhale, relax your chest, then your legs, starting with your thighs and then slowly working your way up to your feet.

Now give yourself 10 seconds to clear your mind before thinking of one of these images:

1st possibility: You lie relaxed and stretched out in a canoe on a calm lake. Above you you can see nothing but the blue sky.

2nd possibility: You swing in a hammock made of black fabric in a dark room

No matter which picture you choose, you have to keep saying two words to yourself in your mind: “DO NOT THINK”

No master has fallen from the sky yet, has it?

According to the author, this exercise doesn’t just work out for everyone. After six weeks of practice, however, it works for 96% of all people. I try anyway. I lie down in my bed and start relaxing my face. It reminds me of the one yoga class I had in my life. In fact, facial relaxation is already an important building block towards sleep. Because I concentrate, I don’t think so much anymore. My whole body gradually follows the face and is getting heavier and heavier. Well, the technology is not really new up to this point. But then the pictures. Do I want to hang out in the dark? Absolutely no way! So I mentally chill in the canoe. The lake sparkles, it rocks a bit. I forbid myself to think and … *

* Editor’s note: She is sleeping. Mission accomplished!