Fall Guys finally presents its season 2, heading for the stars – Fall Guys

Season 1 of Fall Guys was supposed to end at the end of August, and we should have, logically, discovered season 2 in stride. However, Mediatonic has been surprisingly quiet on the matter, only speaking out on the future of battle royale on September 12. to announce the theme and what’s new for Season 2.

First information for season 2

So the developers unveiled the star-studded theme for season 2, that will plunge us into space. We will discover a multitude of new features related to this theme, in particular with special levels. Some have also been presented, such as the final “On the Tip of the Toes” or the normal levels On or Off, Leap of Faith, but also some variants of those we already know, like Hexa-terrestrial. We can also expect to see new obstacles appear, such as flying platforms and trolleybots.

When is Fall Guys season 2 coming out?

This season 2 of Fall Guys will arrive on Thursday, September 15 on all platforms, through a major and free update. For the occasion, we will have the right to a launch event, which includes all the new rounds. Naturally, exclusive rewards will be offered to players who complete the few challenges that come with it, such as Kudos, a pattern and a Relay Satellite Backpack.

Unsurprisingly, with this new season, players will be able to enjoy a new Battle Pass, consisting of 100 levels, with a premium path and another free.

See you from September 15, therefore, to discover season 2 of Fall Guys and all the new features. Mediatonic also specifies that many things will be introduced during the season.

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