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When it launched in August 2020, Fall Guys had attracted a very large number of players, although it was only available on PC and PlayStation 4. Two years later, and after seeing its community drop over the months, Mediatonic announced, during this month of May 2022, that Fall Guys was going to expand its playable platforms, while passing the battle royale free-to-play.

When will Fall Guys be free?

Fall Guys will therefore become free from June 21, 2022, on all platforms. That is to say, it will come to Xbox and Nintendo Switch for free and players won’t have to spend money to get it. However, a major change should be noted for players playing on PC, since it will no longer be available on Steam on this date, but on the Epic Games Store. Those who bought it on Steam can however continue to play it via this platform.

For the rest, this transition to free-to-play will not really impact the players. Updates will always be rolled out over time, with the aim of bringing content, such as a level editor, although no release date has been given for this. Finally, the seasons will start from scratch, to start with the 1 and be connected with this new cycle.

To thank players who purchased Fall Guys before June 21, Mediatonic will offer a special pack, the Legacy Pack, with various cosmetic items to thank them for the support since the beginning.

Finally, know that you can already pre-register for the free-to-play passage of Fall Guys, in order not to miss it, but also to collect exclusive rewards.

See you from June 21, on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Series and Switch to discover Fall Guys for free.

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