Fall Guys gets in the colors of Invincible

While a second season of the animated series Invincible should point the tip of its nose in 2023, it seems that the Guardians of the Globe have decided to make a short stop in the Blunderdome.

Players can now find three heroic costumes in the shop and thus transform their favorite bean into a superhero. It is of course possible to wear the costume of Invincible itself, with its superb blue and yellow spandex, but not only. Players can also opt for the Omni Man costume, which features a monochromatic top with an Omni Man motif and a look that will make opponents swoon during challenges. Finally, the beautiful pink Atom Eve costume is also available in the shop.

In addition to these three superhero costumes, nameplates as well as nicknames inspired by the series and the comics are also arriving on Fall Guys. Everything you need to save the Blunderdome as it should.

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