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Mediatonic announced a few weeks ago that Fall Guys was going free-to-play when it arrived on Xbox and Nintendo consoles. As a result, the developers unveiled all the information relating to this transition to free-to-play, which marks the revival of the party game which will start again in season 1.

What’s New in Fall Guys Season 1

Among the novelties, we can mention new events. In addition to all those already available, seven new levels are integrated, so Fall Guys regulars can enjoy new things. We find in particular:

  • Hex-A-Ring → Have you heard of Hex-a-Gone? But have you tried jumping from platform to platform while the whole floor is spinning? This event is going to be a real challenge…
  • VolleyFALL → In this test, it is about who can send the ball to the other side of the field without the other players sending it back to your side. Whoever manages to make the ball touch the ground of the other player, wins!
  • Speed ​​Circuit → On your marks, get set, go! Navigate through the obstacles that get in the way and complete 3 laps around the circuit without being knocked into the slime.

But that’s not all, since some obstacles are also implemented. These have a chance of appearing in play and there are three of them. We find Blast Ball, explosive balls, Jump Rope, skipping ropes and Bouncy Floors, bouncing floor.

Naturally, un Battle Pass is added for players, with free rewards for players, but also others, exclusive to those who purchase it. Limited time events will be held throughout the season.

Fixes patch notes

Several fixes have been applied, which you can find below.

  • Major optimizations to memory usage, reducing instances of PlayStation crashes.
  • Improved smoothness (FPS) on PlayStation in levels with lots of visuals such as Fruit Madness, Jelly Rise, Lost Temple and more.
  • Improvements to tails grabbed from a distance by players experiencing high latency.
  • If multiple squads score 0 points (especially in modes like Xtreme Squad), they will be eliminated instead of being tied and advancing to the next round.
  • Fixed a bug on tile levels such as Melting Ice, where players could spam and avoid breaking tiles (Melt Ice is back!).
  • Fixed a bug in Attrape Queues where players could stand on a height (a pole for example) and evade capture.
  • Fixed a bug in Bazaar Royal where the queue would disappear if the player who had it disconnected.
  • Fixed pipes at the end of The Good Tips level where a pipe caused players to pass over the finish line.
  • Fixed Options menu appearing randomly during gameplay on PS4.
  • Fixed displaying “Multiple Shows Selected” when queuing for a single show in a group.
  • Fixed hoops appearing too high to reach on levels such as Hop Hop Hop.
  • Fixed a bug where players in groups were sent to separate groups.
  • Fixed player instances respawning in Xtreme mode.
  • Fixed Clank appearing yellow instead of red or blue in Team Catch Tails.
  • Fixed Melting Ice music in Marathon Finals.

Fall Guys is therefore available for free on PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch since June 21, 2022.

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