Fallout 4: How to unlock a terminal?

News tip Fallout 4: How to unlock a terminal?

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One of the mechanics that always confuses new Fallout 4 players a little comes when you have to unlock your first terminal in the game. If you’re also lost, don’t panic, we’ll explain everything you need to know in this article !

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  • Unlocking a terminal in Fallout 4, how does it work?
  • Terminal intelligence and hacking
  • How to gain more chances to unlock a terminal in Fallout 4?

Let’s start at the beginning by showing you how terminal hacking generally works in Fallout 4. You end up with a screen full of English words and 4 attempts to find the right one. At first, you have absolutely no clues.

So choose a word at random. Then look on the right side of the screen and you will see your word with a number of similarities. But what exactly are these famous similarities? Well, let’s take the example from the image below to understand clearly.

The word chosen, “River”, has two similarities. This means that if it is not the correct password, there are 2 letters that are in the correct location. From these similarities, we can therefore conclude that the word “Water”, which is at the very bottom right of the screen, could be the password.

By clicking on it, we are again told 2 similarities. By elimination, the word “Races”, which has 2 similarities with “River” and “Water”, is the correct password. If you fail to find it in 4 attempts, a new word grid will be randomly generated and you will have to start the operation again.

Terminal intelligence and hacking

By gaining levels in Fallout 4, you will have the possibility of assigning attribute points and there is one that will particularly interest us here if you want to unlock terminals in Fallout 4, Intelligence. Indeed, This will not necessarily affect the difficulty of the puzzles.

However, this will allow you to tackle the most complex hacks and even give you a nice bonus if you are level 33 in this characteristic. For the details of what these points provide, We’ll let you take a look below:

  • Level 1: Allows advanced hacks
  • Level 9: Allows expert hacks
  • Level 21: Allows master hacks
  • Level 33: You no longer get kicked out of a terminal when hacked

We just told you in the first part of this article, to unlock a terminal on Fallout 4, you will have 4 attempts. Except that it is possible to increase this number via several in-game elements. The first, it’s simply by finding a figurine.

There are 20 in the game and the one that will interest us here it’s the “scientific” one that gives you an extra try to unlock a terminal. To find her and the 19 others, take a look at our complete vault-tech miniatures guide.

The other way to win a new try and therefore have 6 in total is to bond with Nick Valentine until you have achieved maximum affinity. There you will have this extra try. There you go, you now have everything there is to know about terminal hacking in Fallout 4!

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