Fallout 76: heading to Skyline Valley, the update dated in video

Thanks to the success of the series live action fallout on Amazon Prime Videothe franchise of Bethesda is more popular than ever, even the unloved multiplayer game Fallout 76 meeting success. The developers therefore obviously took advantage of the Xbox Games Showcase 2024 to present their next expansion of the game.

You can find out above the new trailer for Skyline Valleythe next expansion of Fallout 76 which will take us to a new regionsouth of Appalachiabeyond Steep Rockies. The former national park of Shenandoah is home to many mysteries, here is what awaits players:

Search for the true location of Vault 63 and unravel its many mysteries. Learn the truth about the Lost, the electric ghouls who dwell in the vault, and their enigmatic overseer Hugo Stolz. What phenomenon is causing the electrical storm over Skyline Valley? You’ll track storms in a new public event, Dangerous Pastime, and fight new region bosses, a monumental trio of Brainbots. Activities reserved for daredevils.

The release date of Skyline Valley is set for June 12 in Fallout 76the multiplayer game is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series Game Pass. The update will be free as always, but fans will also be able to enjoy the lot Lost Treasures with a new paint jobPower armorthe jetpack of theVault 63the chassis exhibition frame of theVault 63 for’Power armora stuffed toy Moe the Molea display Vault 63 Door for the CAMPa weather monitoring station and a lightning rod installation.

You can find the subscription Game Pass Ultimate at €14.99 per month on Amazon, Cdiscount Or Fnac.

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