Fallout on Prime: great news for the Amazon series

After years of waiting, series live action Fallout was broadcast on Amazon Prime Video and it’s a real success. Spectators loved this adaptation of RPG post-apocalyptic films on the small screen, garnering 94% positive reviews and 89% positive opinions on Rotten Tomatoesit’s on the same level as the series The Last of Us of HBO (96 and 89%).

For several days, rumors have suggested that a Season 2 of fallout was being prepared, California offered a $25 million tax credit to relocate the filming of future episodes to its state. This night is the official account Instagram of the series which announced that Fallout on Prime was renewed for a Season 2 ! We have to be content with that for the moment, showrunners will now work on writing the script for these new episodes, we will have to be patient until the broadcast on Prime Video.

If you haven’t yet watched all eight episodes of the Season 1 from the Serie falloutyou can subscribe to Amazon Prime against €6.99 per month or €69.90 for one year.

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