False Fitting Cédric Klapisch: the errors of the trilogy The Spanish Inn before tasting Greek Salad

Between France, Spain, Russia and New York, Cédric Klapisch embarks Michel & Michel for a world tour of fake fittings…

Ten years after leaving him in New New York, Cedric Klapisch finds Xavier, his favorite character, and especially his children, Tom and Mia, in a new adventure in Athens.

Led by Aliocha Schneider and Megan Northam, and supported by the “former” Romain Duris, Cécile de France, Kevin Bishop and Kelly Reilly, the Salade Grecque series is available in eight episodes on Prime Video. And beyond the sunny getaway and a look at a new youth, the series invites you to (re)discover the original cinema trilogy.

Michel & Michel didn’t wait to see The Spanish Inn, Russian Dolls and Chinese Brain Teasers again: AlloCiné’s technical specialists decipher the three films through their mismatches, errors and filming blunders.

Very indiscreet extras, a camera in a reflection, nothing escapes them! And it’s heavy, very very heavy…

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