Far Cry 6: The “Lost Between Worlds” expansion has its release date and reveals its content – Far Cry 6

During a livestream, broadcast on Tuesday November 29 of this year, Ubisoft unveiled the release date of the “Lost Between Worlds” expansion (“Entre les mondes” in French), coming to Far Cry 6. The development studio in charge of the title took advantage of the event to share a trailer and information about this additional content.

Far Cry 6 ‘Lost Between Worlds’ expansion release date and details

It’s the December 6, 2022 that Far Cry 6’s “Lost Between Worlds” expansion will become available. On this date, players will then be able to discover this additional content on all the gaming platforms concerned. The expansion is included in the Game of the Year edition of the app and is sold separately for €19.99.

In the “Lost Between Worlds” expansion, we find Dani Rojas. Investigating a meteorite that suddenly appeared in the sky, the protagonist will end up damaging the AI ​​shipnamed Fai, and is then teleported to a supernatural prison. The objective then being to collect 5 fragments through various rifts in order to repair Fai’s ship and, ultimately, return to Yara.

Throughout the adventure, we will have to face new enemiescalled “the Fragmented” and described as “the guardians of the faults with crystalline bodies sometimes humanoid, sometimes bestial “. Fortunately, we can count on powerful equipment and tools ”, which we can unlock by collecting said fragments.

As a reminder, Far Cry 6 is to be found on PlayStation consoles, Xbox, but also on PC. If you want to know more about the title, know that our test is available.

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