Far Cry 6: the second paid DLC dedicated to Pagan Min is available

While the first DLC dedicated to Vaas was released on November 16, Far cry 6 has a second iteration directly included in the Season Pass of Ubisoft’s game. This extension named Control is available since January 11, 2022 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and Stadia and features the iconic villain of Far cry 4, namely the bewitching Pagan min based on the island of Kyrat.

Take control of Pagan’s mind

The formula does not change for this new expansion compared to the previous DLC, namely an adventure of a few hours of roguelite style where each death makes you respawn at the start of the adventure, losing your equipment and a large part of your progress. Equipped only with a revolver at the start, you will need to collect influence, a kind of currency allowing you to provide you with new weapons and definitive abilities and thus progress in the adventure.

The objective is also the same as in the first DLC, find 3 fragments of a relic, within a colorful universe and which seems extremely well to transcribe the madness of this opus well appreciated by fans. Note that the third major expansion of Far cry 6 will be devoted to Joseph Seed, the villain of Far cry 5 and will come out in March 2022, for Season Pass holders available for the sum of € 39.99 or in the Gold, Ultimate or Collector’s Editions of the game.

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