“Far-reaching consequences”: Eintracht Frankfurt punishes private black marketeers

“Far-Reaching Consequences”
Eintracht Frankfurt punishes private black marketeers

Eintracht Frankfurt’s fantastic journey through the Europa League has consequences for numerous private black market sellers: the club identified numerous people who had made money with tickets for the particularly popular games – and imposed penalties.

Eintracht Frankfurt successfully prosecuted around 100 cases of black market ticket sales in the past European Cup season. This was announced by the Europa League winner and Bundesliga soccer team. The offenses would now have “some far-reaching consequences for the providers”. Especially before the home games against FC Barcelona and West Ham United and also before the final in Seville against Glasgow Rangers – games where there was “as expected an increased volume of ticket sales on the black and gray market” – purchased tickets were partial illegally resold.

“Together with a law firm that has been helping to fight the ticket black market for a number of years, providers who had offered their ticket(s) for sale via portals such as eBay, eBay classifieds and other platforms were successfully identified in almost 100 cases,” said Eintracht With. “A total of 320 tickets were affected. Some of the procedures have already been completed.”

Depending on the individual case, the measures introduced would range from skimming off profits and contractual penalties to the termination of any existing season ticket contracts. In many cases, club membership will also be revoked. “Anyone who uses the privilege of being able to purchase such tickets for such coveted games for their economic advantage and to the detriment of our supporters will have to reckon with lasting consequences, especially in the Champions League season ahead of us,” said Eintracht board member Philip Reschke.

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