Farce to beep – buses are currently robbing neighbors of sleep

Train noise has long ceased to bother the residents of Bahnstrasse in Hohenruppersdorf, the tracks are still. There is now a bus parking lot for the residents …

For a few months now, a private company has taken over the operation of several bus routes in the Gänserndorf district. However, the additional connections will certainly increase the volume of traffic. And yet it is precisely the breaks in operations that are causing a stir in the community.

Beeping at night
Since the buses are parked on company property, a small side street has become an “approach lane” for the vehicles. The chauffeurs keep their rest times here – without sanitary facilities on site, another reason for the cold mood in the neighborhood. And especially the loud beeping when reversing at night is unbearable for many.

Replacement location in discussion
The community has already had expert opinions obtained: Because this is a private property and therefore the StVO does not apply, the operator can do without the acoustic warning signals, they say. Further solutions are being considered, and a replacement location is already being discussed.