Farmer is looking for a wife: all farmers are in seventh heaven

Farmer is looking for a wife
All farmers are in seventh heaven

Tatjana and Rüdiger above the clouds.


Some are already confessing their feelings, others are planning to live together and a couple is literally on cloud nine.

Julia (25) is faced with a very special challenge by Patrick (24) on "Bauer sucht Frau" (also via TVNow): She is supposed to attract a bull and grab her nose ring. Although Patrick cannot promise her that the bull will stay calm, she overcomes herself. The dental assistant then leads Uranus "like a goat" across the meadow and thus surely has the respect of the young farmer: "You tamed him like a Spanish bullfighter!" As the court week draws to a close, Patrick gives her a framed picture of the couple together and explains: "I wish that this continued." Julia is also sure that she has found her "dream man".

First of all, Peter (34) and Alina (29) deal a lot with the great love of Peter's life: potatoes. Even if the educational scientist can understand the fascination to a certain extent, she also wants to find out how fascinated Peter actually is about her. At the picnic by the lake, she tries to help him express his feelings: "Would you say it's like having a crush?" A simple yes / no question, but Peter evades again. That's enough for her. Alina gets up and looks for the distance: "At some point it will be the end of the day." Finally he takes heart, runs after her: "Sorry. I'm just not the best to show my feelings. It's falling in love! I promise, I'll work on myself."

Thomas (38) and Nicole (29) drive tractors together, weed weeds and cream each other with sun lotion – a good team in every respect. "After putting on the lotion, I didn't really feel like picking up the hoe again. Because of me, the weeds could have continued to grow …", says Thomas, who obviously wants to have physical contact with his Viennese girl. Afterwards, the trained sports therapist can knead him properly. But different from what he had imagined: "He can expect that I will find the places where it hurts." Thomas quickly realized: "It wasn't a feel-good massage, it was a medical massage."

But the knot that put Thomas off from a long-distance relationship with Nicole has now burst. At the "final talk" at the end of the court week he told her: "I think we can do it! You are the perfect woman for me and I know that I fell in love. I won't let you go any more." Nicole is overjoyed: "I had such a fantastic time with you, I'll be back. And I fell in love with you too much."

A broken heart – and two lovers

With cattle farmer Andy (43), one heart has to be broken before two others can be happy. The cattle farmer wanted to get to know Nicole (37) and Maya (37) one after the other, but then quickly discovered that he had already fallen in love with Nicole. In an honest conversation, he brings the bad news to the disappointed groom. Maya is not very surprised, but still very sad when she confesses with tears: "I felt very comfortable here, that hits you after all."

But then Andy can quickly take Nicole in his arms again. And that was the right decision. After the court week, both of them felt even stronger. On a fur in front of a campfire, they agree that the week is far too short – and that they have both fallen in love. Finally, there is also the first kiss. Andy: "I'm super happy that we have become a couple. My greatest wish has come true," said Andy. And Nicole can hardly believe her luck: "Indeed, we are lovers."

Back and forth with a happy ending

Denise (32) and Sascha (29) have already finished the farm week. After that, they stayed in contact, but the problem with his jealousy persisted, as Denise says. So she broke up – and took a completely different chance: she spent time with Nils, the candidate she had sent home first at the beginning. "The fact that it was such a back and forth with Sascha opened a door for me and Nils and we really had a couple of very nice days." But obviously it stayed with the few days – because in the end she decides for Sascha. "He's perfect from head to toe now." Finally Denise visits him at his "ranch", where the two of them make concrete plans to move in together. A lot of space has to be created for this, because Denise naturally doesn't want to part with her animals. Sascha will do everything to make it work: "Denise is more than the perfect woman for me. When I wake up in the morning and she grins at me, the day is already perfect."

Leif (32) is still at the very beginning of his journey: he is just getting to know his chosen one, farmer Christina (26). What works very well: When feeding the chickens, she does not kill any of the terrifying animals that can evidently have a heart attack from hectic movements. While looking at the chicks, Christina discovers the gentle side of the farmer. And then it's about children: Leif asks whether she still wants to have children despite her two children. "I was excited because that's important to me …" the farmer explains afterwards. Yes, she definitely wants that – but only in connection with a wedding, according to the single mother, who has not been so lucky with the men so far. During the barbecue, Christina then meets all of Leif's relatives. She can also score points with them. Leif's mom says: "She is very personable!" – and Christina is happy: "It couldn't have gone better."

Above the clouds…

Rüdiger (53) and Tatjana (48) have already arrived in the extension of the farm week – and with extravagant hobbies: The motorcycle goes to the airport, where amateur pilot Rüdiger literally flies into the sky with Tatjana. The native Russian is overwhelmed by the view and the spontaneous action. And from Rüdiger's declaration of love above the clouds: "I have to admit that I fell a little in love with you. You really turned my head."


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