Farmer is looking for a wife: Anna Heiser remembers her deceased baby

"Farmer is looking for a wife"
Anna Heiser remembers her deceased baby

Anna Heiser, known from "Bauer sucht Frau"

© instagram / anna_m._heiser

In January 2020 ex- "Bauer sucht Frau" candidate Anna Heiser had to go through a terrible stroke of fate: She suffered a miscarriage. A year later, she is now commemorating her deceased baby.

Anna Heiser, 30, talks about her miscarriage for a reason. She receives a lot of messages from people who share a similar fate, she reports on Instagram. At the same time she admitted: "I thought for a long time whether I should do this post. There will be comments again that I would 'just push myself into the media'." But the former "Farmer Seeks Woman" candidate does not let any possible critics deter her and reports on her own experiences.

Anna Heiser: "367 days later the pain is just as great"

Regarding an atmospheric picture of the Namibian landscape, she writes: "Yesterday was a special day – exactly a year ago we lost our first baby. I am always asked how to deal with it. They say yes, 'time heals everyone Wounds', but it doesn't apply to me. 367 days later the pain is just as great as it was the day it happened. " One can only learn to deal with it over time. People are able to suppress many life events, she would have tried to, she adds.

"After the FG I put the pregnancy test away and didn't want to see it anymore. I could have thrown it away, but something stopped me," the 30-year-old recalls. She was recently confronted again with the loss of her baby: while cleaning up, she found the test in a closet. "As if out of nowhere, tears ran down my face and I couldn't stop the feelings," Anna explains openly.

After the miscarriage: Ex- "Bauer sucht Frau" candidate Anna is pregnant again

The South African by choice is currently pregnant again. Hopefully she and her husband Gerald will soon be able to "hold a healthy child in their arms". But the blonde makes it clear that the child is no substitute for her dead baby: "Some of you probably can't imagine it, but I love our two children more than anything. The little asterisk belongs to us too. It is from our love and it broke our hearts to let it go. "

Finally, the former dome show candidate addresses the people who had to suffer a similar fate: She wishes these people a lot of strength, because "there are no words that would make the pain smaller. I hope for everyone of you who have experienced the same thing, that your dearest wish will soon come true. "

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