“Farmer is looking for a wife”: Dirk already disappoints the second woman

“Farmer is looking for a wife”
Dirk already disappoints the second woman

There is a thick air between Dirk and Sophie.


Dirk does not use his second chance either. He pisses off his new lady-in-waiting Sophie with sayings about other women.

Tears, baby animals, kisses and “sexy carwash”. The sixth episode of “Bauer sucht Frau” had it all. There was also a voluntary move-out, a threatened one, and a highly probable one.

This time Matze (34) and Eyleen (32) start the farm week. The pig farmer picks up the geriatric nurse in a truck. He laid out the interior in a rustic way with bales of hay. Yet Eyleen is a little frugal with enthusiasm. “She is a bit more reserved when it comes to rays of joy,” said Matze cautiously. Even on the farm where Matze lives with two daughters, Eyleen does not break out into euphoria, especially not in her basement-like room. Even if Matze places chocolate on the bed like in the hotel. But not everyone has feelings and thoughts on their faces. In the individual interviews, Eyleen was quite impressed.

Womanizer Dirk chases Sophie away

Dirk (24) got a second chance with Sophie (19). The sheep farmer had chased away his chosen one, Saskia (25), with flippant sayings about women whom he supposedly had in hand. But even with Sofia it doesn’t “work as it should” (Dirk). He is also disappointed that Sophie does not burst into enthusiasm at the sight of a newborn calf. He blames the lack of physical contact: “After three or four days you have to hold hands,” he says. Even with Sophie, it is only so well received that Dirk constantly talks about other women he got to know at the same time as the show. But what should you do: “Should I chase them away?”. But he chased away Sophie with the saying. Grass no longer grows here.

Sexy carwash and hot kisses

Peter (26) scores with Kerstin (28) with his Unimog. The vehicle should go for a swim at the lake. But first the car has to be washed. Peter speculates, quote: “sexy carwash” action. Kerstin sees through the plans and tips the bucket over his head. Joking and flirty, of course, because there is “bad air” between the two, as Peter calls it. And mean it in a positive way, of course. At the lake the air is getting thicker and thicker. When the Unimog doesn’t start and they wait for help, they kiss for the first time. Right with the tongue!

On the other hand, there is negative thick air with Torsten (52) and Karin (58). The stumbling block are once again her dogs: “The dogs are my children”. Someone has to go to the vet, but Torsten wants to take care of the cattle first. Karin goes to the doctor alone, after which there is a debate. Torsten confesses: “There are feelings”, but he would like to cuddle up. But in the evenings on the sofa, the dogs interfere. The cattle farmer praises improvement. There are tame, reconciliation kisses. Without tongue.

There is almost a kiss with Hubert (40) and Andrea (39). The beekeeper has conjured two hearts into a honeycomb. But since both wear protective helmets, there is still a long way to go when it comes to smacking.

Melina withdraws

The decision between Melina (23) and Sabrina (34) is made for Mathias. When the three have to separate a calf from the mother cow in order to put a mark through the little one’s ear, Melina is reminded once more of her son. For the first time, she has been separated from the year-and-a-half-year-old for a longer period of time. She breaks off the farm week. Also because the famous spark has not jumped. The decision, explained in tears, surprised Sabrina and Mathias, as Melina had so far attacked the farmer aggressively, which always annoyed the competitor. Now the way is free for Sabrina.


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