“Farmer is looking for a wife”: Kerstin takes Peter home with her

“Farmer is looking for a wife”
Kerstin takes Peter home with her

Happy ending for Peter and Kerstin.


At Peter and Kerstin’s farm week comes to an end – with a happy ending. Peter drives her home to get to know her life.

Matze (34) and Eyleen (32) are in a bad mood in the morning. And that although the geriatric nurse even spent the night in the farmer’s bed after the first kiss the day before! But Eyleen not only has a “hard shell with a soft core” (Matze), but is also a morning grouch. The morning, or breakfast, plays a major role in the eighth episode of “Bauer sucht Frau”.

Beer and hangover breakfast

Bavarian Hubert (40) surprises his Alsatian Andrea with a hearty white sausage breakfast, including beer. Mathias (33) and Sabrina (34) also get alcohol first thing in the morning. The beer that the two had built in at their party at the lake left its mark. There is a counter drink for breakfast, namely Vodka-O. In addition rollmops with onions.

Nils (33) also comes up with a brave culinary offer. The Hessian welcomes his new lady-in-waiting Vanessa (34) with a regional classic: hand cheese with music. He “stinks scary” says Nils with mischievous enthusiasm. He was never seen laughing like that with Sabrina (28), who had to leave in the last episode. Both him and Vanessa were heartbroken the first time they hugged.

Olaf tells about his accident

The episode takes on a more serious tone when Olaf (60) talks about the motorcycle accident in which he lost his left forearm. The farmer also suffered a traumatic brain injury and more: “I had everything broken and just lucky that I got back on my feet.” His lady-in-waiting Bettina (55) tells of a similar stroke of fate. Their great love died in an accident, also on a motorcycle. Looking back pulls both of them down, but they want to look to the future.

At the end of the court week, Peter (26) has a nice present for his Kerstin (28). She is supposed to remove the swallow droppings that Peter tolerates in a barn. But the dirty work is just a diversionary maneuver. While Kerstin is scrubbing, Peter prepares a final picnic with flowers, champagne and snacks on bales of hay. Peter has a special farewell present up his sleeve: he has vacation every other weekend, so even a long-distance relationship would work. The farmer suggests driving Kerstin home to get to know her surroundings. Of course she agrees.

For Kerstin, Peter is “the jackpot”, a “ten out of ten”. Two found each other. The penultimate episode of the season ends on a conciliatory note, based on the sad stories of Olaf and Bettina.


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