Farmer is looking for a wife: Patrick and his Antonia are lovers

Farmer is looking for a wife
Patrick and his Antonia are lovers

Farmer Patrick decided on Antonia.

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Confusion of love in "Bauer sucht Frau": Patrick tried it again with Antonia in the end – with success. The two are now a couple!

"Bauer sucht Frau" candidate Patrick (24) seems to have found his great love after all, because: He and Antonia (20) are now "officially and firmly together", as confirmed by "". In the 16th season (also via TVNow) of the RTL dome show there was a lot of confusion with Patrick. At the big reunion on Monday (December 21) it turned out that it had not worked with candidate Julia (25), for whom the farmer decided in the end, and instead he was dating Antonia again. On the show, however, they held back with their relationship status.

Now the two are more in love than ever, says Antonia. "I tell him at least 30 times a day that I love him – and he to me." They continued to meet secretly after the broadcast, away from the many cameras. Her feelings have flared up again. She currently visits him every two to three weeks for several days. "Maybe I'll move to him next year on Lake Constance," says the Franconian native. There are no exact plans yet, but they have already talked about moving in.

"I hope that we can withstand it all"

In this year's season there had been conflicts between Antonia and Patrick again and again. "It's always rubbing between me and Antonia, she is not an easy person, neither am I," said Patrick in the final episode. The couple seem to have settled their differences in the meantime. "I hope that we can withstand the whole thing, that we can still experience a lot together and that we travel a lot," says Antonia.