Farming Simulator 22: 4 million copies sold and a launch trailer for the Platinum Edition

Farming Simulator 22 one year old and GIANTS Software has two things to celebrate. The first is the level of four million copies sold in the last twelve months on computers and home consoles, the agricultural simulation game is a real success, even if three million sales had been recorded at the start of the year.

The second thing to celebrate is the launch of the Platinum Edition from Farming Simulator 22which adds a lot of additional content, as the developers remind us:

20,000 trees and a rollercoaster

Thanks to the Platinum expansion, the forestry part of farming is greatly refined and deepened, with more than 40 new vehicles, tools and objects, from the Volvo Group, IMPEX, John Deere, Koller, Komatsu, Pfanzelt, Schwarzmüller, WESTTECH and other renowned brands. The Platinum Edition combines the base game and the expansion, bringing the machine count to over 500 authentically digitized vehicles and tools from over 150 real-life manufacturers.

Silverrun Forest, the most peaceful map GIANTS Software has created to date, welcomes aspiring virtual businessmen with over 20,000 trees, including sturdy redwoods and other new species. The atmospheric mix between agriculture, forestry and recreational projects sees players shaping the character of the landscape by launching different constructions. The most impressive of them is undoubtedly the giant roller coaster which is built by delivering resources.

Complex machinery, fun logistics

Farmers harvest using state-of-the-art machinery such as the Volvo EC380DL along with a variety of harvester heads. They drag their logs and logs through dense forests using winches such as the Pfanzelt Pm Trac, and cross impassable terrain with machines such as the Koller K 300-T which stretches cables over hundreds of meters through the woods. Thanks to shipping containers, they deliver their wood to various production plants or directly to construction projects to make boats, doghouses or even furniture. Many new outlets and production sites reside in the Silverrun Forest.

Farming Simulator 22 Platinum Edition is available on PC, PS5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One. If you already have the base game, the Season Pass Year 1 includes extension Platinum. Otherwise, you can find this new edition at €31.99 on Gamesplanet.

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