Fashion faux pas: fashion sins of the stars |

Even our stars are not immune to fashion sins. How reassuring that money, success and fame are no guarantee of taste and style.

Comfort before style

The fashion sin according to the motto “comfort before style” is a classic of the fashion fails. The victim was singer Kesha at LA Airport in a two-piece suit that is reminiscent of a plaid old man’s pajamas. Overalls are trendy, but Rita Ora also likes to overdo it with comfort. In New York, she was spotted wearing an oversized one-piece that passed for an 80s tracksuit rather than a fashionable it-piece.

When sexy suddenly becomes cheap

Another fashion sin that can often be seen on the red carpet: cheap instead of sexy. This fashion faux pas can easily be recognized by too many legs, too much cleavage, too little fabric and too much bare skin in the wrong places. “Less is more” does not seem to speak from the soul of many a star.

Fashion sin: Too Much

A wild mix of patterns and materials or cuts that make the body appear misshapen do not flatter women. So, dear ladies, the same applies here: Less is more!

The steadfast

The queen of fashion failures is definitely Kim Kardashian. She always wears a little too little fabric, one size too small and usually a bra would do her outfits well. Helena Bonham Carter also belongs to the ranks of stars who persist in their style. Colorful jumbled outfits, always a little dingy, but individual, are the trademark of the British actress.