Fashion looks: Princess Sofia’s style

The Swedish royal makes the royal family even more beautiful: With her clothes she almost always hits the right note in terms of style and fashion. GALA has summarized all the glamorous appearances of the nobles in a gallery and does not want to withhold the faux pas from you!

Princess Sofia very discreet

She is aware of her dignity, but sometimes the wife of Prince Carl Philip is very covered with her fashion: First a black, unspectacular little dress, then again elegant, but inconspicuous coats. The high-necked style also goes best with the relentlessly long winter of your home country. And the clothes underneath are always impressive: white or baby blue blouses that are covered at the shoulders by her long hair, black as ebony – Princess Sofia is as subtly beautiful as you would expect from a modern princess!

Clothes really trendy and quite expensive

Even if there is tradition at home, Princess Sofia doesn’t miss the trends. The ex-model wears the in-fabric velvet again in winter 2016 and cuts a fine figure in it. And who says that a royal’s style can’t be hip? In terms of price, the fashion she wears from Gucci or Hugo Boss is also right at the top: Few of the designs are traded for less than 2000 euros.

Department store queen

The sympathetic thing about Princess Sofia: Even for bargains from Zara & Co, the girl born in Danderyd is not too good for herself. From the bar to the palace, so to speak. So we mere mortals can also copy the style of the top class.