Fashion revival: Olivia Palermo is wearing the ultimate trend for 2021


Olivia Palermo shows how it is done
This controversial trend is back – and cooler than ever!


Olivia Palermo just knows how fashion works! With a cool combination of fishnet socks and pink pumps, the fashion icon convinces us once again that no trend ever really disappears into oblivion! We'll tell you how the eye-catching look works.

From Melanie Wenzke

You don't want to do without your favorite pumps on cold days? You don't have to either! A pair of chic socks not only keep you warm, but also pimp your outfit quickly! But don't worry: we're not talking about white sneaker socks and grandma's knitted stockings. We'll give you a hand and show you how cool socks are now coming to the fore.

Crazy socks

Statement socks give an already cool look that certain something in no time at all! Particularly eye-catching items are best combined with simple shoes such as plain-colored sandals.

It can of course be a little more subtle – with socks in pastel colors. We love them! Either in complementary colors or matching the shoe. If you don't like wearing color, you can also choose muted earth tones. How about strappy heels and frilly socks, for example? Stripes on the waistband can also be a real eye-catcher. You don't even need high heels for that. Your simple sneakers go perfectly with this cool accessory.

Give me that mesh!

Olivia Palermo wears black fishnet socks with pink heels.

Olivia Palermo wears black fishnet socks with pink heels.


Olivia Palermo shows how it is done and we just can't help but do it! It's not the first time that mesh socks are celebrating a real fashion revival, so keep them close at hand in your wardrobe. For an elegant look based on the model of the New York fashion icon, we pair our new favorite stockings with a pair of high heels. For a sporty touch, however, sneakers and ankle boots are also suitable.

Controversial but cool

When it comes to thick tennis socks, opinions differ widely. Are they cool or does the style not work at all? We say: It depends on the station wagon – and luckily it has nothing to do with the old cliché and the socks-in-flip-flops group. For real 80s vibes, we now style tennis socks with slim leggings or wide jogging pants and pull them up over the pants. Sounds crazy, maybe it is, but still looks awesome! It also remains sporty when it comes to shoes. If tennis socks, then only with sneakers with chunky soles.