Fashion trend 2021: Every curvy woman needs these pieces – according to Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham
3 must-haves curvy women should have in their closets

Ashley Graham wants to be a role model for other women with her curves. The self-confident plus-size model reveals which clothes, in her opinion, are must-haves for curvy women.

Ashley Graham gives styling tips

Ashley Graham is bursting with self-confidence and is a role model for many women with her positive body feeling. The model also proves her knack for fashion away from the catwalks and shootings and now has a styling tip for all women who don’t really know what goes best with their curves.

Must-have for curvy women

In the show “People Now”, she revealed the clothes with which women apart from size zero are never wrong.

A black skinny jeans, a white oversize t-shirt and a black biker jacket,

so Graham.

The 29-year-old likes to present the look on her Instagram account. And although Ashley became famous with her style, the model also knows moments when she feels uncomfortable. For example, when bikini season is just around the corner, as she explains on the People Now show:

Naturally! Just like any woman, when you walk to the beach or pool and think, ‘Oh, I have to take my top off, crap’

so the curve star.

Humor against self-doubt

But Graham reacts to her self-doubt with humor: “And then at some point you relax and think ‘Okay, another pina colada, please’.”

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