Fashion trend 2021: THAT is the only piece of clothing you need this spring

The white shirt dress or:
The only fashion item you need this spring!

© Edward Berthelot / Getty Images

With some trends, our fashion heart immediately beats a few beats faster. This is what happened with this it-piece, which is already sweetening the spring of 2021 for us.

You have to be able to trust your wardrobe and know that even on bad and uncreative days it has exactly the right thing ready to lift our spirits again. For example, a piece that you just have to slip into and with which you are immediately perfectly prepared for the day – come what may! And a piece that is so trendy that it takes our look to the next style level without any effort. Just wishful thinking? Nope, we call it tough reality, because the current darling of fashion girls is all of that – and so much more.

Tadaaa, curtain up on the white shirt dress! The all-rounder was actually never really gone and yet it is celebrating a comeback in spring and summer 2021 that has washed itself. Our favorite influencers are already wearing the dress up and down and we have given the piece a priority star on our shopping list. Because whether sporty or elegant – the white shirt dress is essential this year.

The white shirt dress is a real fashion chameleon

And to all of you who are now thinking "Oha, that sounds like a monotony": We can reassure you! In addition to color, the shirt dress 2021 is a real fashion chameleon. Whether as a sexy mini dress or in the chic midi version – our new fashion favorite has the right style for everyone. How about, for example, a short, exhibited piece with sweet flounces? This immediately gives your look that girlish touch. The extended version of the classic shirt, on the other hand, has such a cool out of my boyfriends bed attitude and just looks super casual.

And experimentation is also urgently permitted when it comes to material. Whatever works, is firm cotton (please iron this beforehand. Sorry, girls!), But also delicate chiffon or fine silk make the shirt dress look really big.

This is how you style white shirt dresses

We can understand the hype surrounding the shirt dress only too well, because hardly any part is so frugal and uncomplicated when it comes to styling. If you like it more minimalist, you just combine a pair of sneakers or loafers with a dress and you're done. Now put on a radiant smile – so easy, so good!

For those who like to experiment with fashion, waist belts, overknee boots and all other great accessories are the perfect companions. Fashionistas also rely on models with accentuated shoulders or even combine them with another dress or skirt. (Have you ever had the idea of ​​wearing a pleated skirt or a pinafore dress? Dare – it looks amazing!)