Fashion trend: 6 tricks that will make your look a wow look in 2021

Fashion hacks
6 tricks that will turn your outfit into a real wow look

© Oleksandr Nagaiets / Shutterstock

No matter what dress size you have, there are fashion hacks for every figure type to look EVEN better. We give you the best curvy tips.

1. Crop tops for a beautiful silhouette

Who said again that crop tops can only be worn by slim women? Absolute nonsense. On the contrary: short-cut shirts can even flatter curvy women. This part of the body is particularly emphasized by the cut that exposes the waist. And since the waist is the narrowest part of the upper body, the silhouette is stretched and looks well proportioned. The best example: curvy fashion blogger Jeniese Hosey.

2. Belt for a sexy waist

No matter what size you wear, a belt not only spices up every outfit, it also makes a look wonderfully feminine and emphasizes the narrow waist. Best of all: a belt goes well with both trousers and a dress. It’s best to get several in different colors.

3. Put the tops in the pants – that stretches!

This fashion hack does not only apply to women with curves, but also to those who would like to cheat a few centimeters taller: simply tuck the top, whether shirt, shirt or blouse, into the front of the jeans. This visually lengthens the legs and puts them in the limelight. If you are still unsure whether this effect actually works, you should take a look at the picture of fashion blogger Luciana.

4. 3/4 sleeves for nice arms

Women with strong arms often try to hide them by using wide batwing sleeves. However, this is a big mistake and makes the sleeves look even wider. It is better to use tight-fitting sleeves that are 3/4 length. These give the poor a beautiful shape. The exposed wrist makes the look more feminine.

5. Short jackets for long legs

Many curvy fashion bloggers wear skirts and dresses and combine them with jackets that are shorter than a normal top and usually end at waist level. Why? To emphasize the narrowest part of the body, the waist, and thereby optically lengthen the legs. A super simple trick that any woman can do. But be careful: the trick only works with dresses and high-cut skirts. The observer notices the cheating when it comes to hip jeans.

6. Pointed pumps & ballerinas for extra centimeters

It is said that there are no shoes that visually lengthen your legs like high heels. But that’s not entirely true. Even flat shoes can cheat a few inches. It is only important that these are not rounded at the front, but taper to a point. If flat ballerinas or flats are not enough for you, you can of course also use pointed pumps and thus intensify the effect.