Fashion Week: Thylane Blondeau in tiny shorts, Tina Kunakey pulls off the python look

They had all made an appointment for Miu-Miu ! While it was one of the last to present its new collection this Tuesday as part of Paris Fashion Week this Tuesday, October 4, the brand had a busy front row, with many fashion stars and bloggers who had make the trip so as not to miss anything.

And among the models, it’s hard not to notice the sublime Tina Kunakey! At 25, Vincent Cassel’s wife has only missed a few shows this week and has managed to renew herself with each appearance. This Tuesday, she had chosen a rather wise look with its two pigtails and pleated skirt, which made her look like a schoolgirl. But then of a rock’n’roll schoolgirl… since her whole outfit was in python pattern ! Posing warm in her big coat, she was particularly sexy. And once again, solo: her husband, surely filming or babysitting their daughter Amazonia, will not have accompanied her to Fashion Week, he who loves fashion almost as much as she does.

Another promising young model, Thylane Blondeau had chosen un mini-shorts not well suited to the autumn freshness of the capital but which let see her sublime (and immense!) legs. At 21, the daughter of Veronika Loubry imposes herself a little more in the world of fashion and proves with her silhouette and this sense of styling that she should have a great career.

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